Vivianne Echo Starlite

HD video, color, sound, 12:30 min.
Daniel Adams & Isabell Spengler, France/Germany, 2014

A study of the phenomenon of echo.

Vivianne Starlite - an androgynous actress with memory problems - lives cut off from all human contacts in a tiny hut in the woods. Reenactments of the most recent past and audio-visual reflections of herself in various surfaces of her immediate environment (water, crystal balls etc.) serve her as evidence of her existence and a past, which she deduces from these impressions.

The sound track features a verbal description of the image, and reflects the mental condition of the story's protagonist in its production process: The verbal description has been generated in one unedited take. The text was improvised while the speaker was viewing the film image and hearing her own voice (as an echo) delayed and musically manipulated through various sound-effects. The speaker, formulating and voicing her perceptions in real time, is subjected to feedback and distortion.

concept, direction, performance, editing:
Isabell Spengler, Daniel Adams
text improvisation & voice: Isabell Spengler
real time sound effects: Daniel Adams

Vivianne Echo Starlite

film stills