Die Hörposaune (The Hearing Trombone)

a film/installation by Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl and Isabell Spengler, set in a visual installation by Nadia Lauro, DE 2022
single channel, 4K/DCP, 16:9, Surround Sound, 31 min.

A reading circle or vocal performance in an undetermined future:
A small audience and two performers are sitting on an anamorphic peacock feather carpet tapering towards the center. Everyone wears transparent spheres around their heads, in which their surroundings are reflected in a distorted way. They read aloud from large, illustrated books - with spit, panting, oral sounds and singing - in memory of the queer icon and altus Klaus Nomi, one of the first public figures to die in the wake of the AIDS pandemic. In a binaural duet, the two performers reinterpret anatomical representations and vulva-shaped flower arrangements that pop out of the book pages. Daydream-like, as if to save them from oblivion, the film delves into the guts of fantastical, queer body imaginations.

directed by: Isabell Spengler, Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl
concept: Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl
co-concept: Isabell Spengler
set in a visual installation by: Nadia Lauro

with: Jule Flierl, Werner Hirsch
and: Gretchen Blegen, Carola Caggiano, Am Ertl, Nadia Lauro, Sharon Mercado Nogales, Nara Virgens

costumes: Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl, Nadia Lauro
iSpheres: Plastique Fantastique - Yena Young & Marco Canevacci
light design: Gretchen Blegen
cinematographer: Bernadette Paassen
sound recordists: Claudia Matthei del Moro, S. McKenna
sound and technical manager: Carola Caggiano
production manager: Nara Virgens
catering: Matthias Halke

editor: Isabell Spengler
color grading: Till Beckmann
sound design and mix: Jochen Jezussek
title design: Franziska Morlok

with compositions by: Antonia Baehr, Jule Flierl, S. McKenna
"Song of the Cold Genius" by Henry Purcell (from King Arthur, 1684), in an arrangement by Christina Anger
text: "Die Luft- L'air, nécessaire à la vie" by Jean-Henri Fabre, 1857

administration: Alexandra Wellensiek / make up productions
internship: Am Ertl, Sharon Mercado Nogales
a production by make up productions in co-production with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin with the support of Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte
The postproduction was supported by DIEHL+RITTER/ TANZPAKT RECONNECT, which is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the NEUSTART KULTUR initiative.


>hoerposaune02_web.jpg DIE HÖRPOSAUNE, film stills/photos: Anja Weber

film stills


premiere: FEMINIST FUTURES FESTIVAL, at Cinema Arsenal, Berlin, November 2022
festivals: Videonale.19, at Kunstmuseum Bonn, 31.March - 14.May 2023